• Ad van Hassel

    Ad van Hassel

    Ad van Hassel is a Netherlandish Postwar & Contemporary artist who has created the “Pop Art Candy” series. Creative, colorful and technical, his artworks are the very representation of Pop Art. Inspired by mass culture and consumer society, Ad van Hassel transforms popular and familiar references into a work of art.
    The artist never stops to innovate and constantly offers new creations of its well known series. 

  • Ancizar Marin

    Ancizar Marin

    Born in Colombia, Marin received formal artistic training in the 1980s at the Institute of Fine Arts in Manizales, Colombia. He later continued his studies in sculpture at the Luccio Petraglia School of Art in Bogota, where he honed his sculptural skills in bronze and steel. Later, his travels throughout South America introduced him to a rich melting pot of cultural influences, which further developed his approach to colour and texture. Marin now works in South Florida, where his work has been featured in design magazines, galleries and prestigious art shows. Private commissions are constantly pouring in.

  • Billy Dust

    Billy Dust

    Billy Dust is the pseudonym of an artist already known in the Parisian street art scene. He created this alter ego and chose anonymity to venture into more colourful and dreamlike creations. Inspired by nature and architecture, floral motifs meet unstructured flat tints of colour in his illustrations.

  • CBTH


    Fascinated by drawing, he began tagging in the streets of Marseille in the late 1980s, before studying applied arts and fashion design at the Ecole Duperré and at the Beaux Arts in PARIS. This training then gives a more professional orientation to his graffiti practice. The year he spends in Indonesia is also an important source of inspiration, mixed with a nostalgic vision of his travels around the world.

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  • Jo Cappitta

    Jo Cappitta

    Jo Cappitta is a french photographer born in 1980. Self-taught in several fields, this forner cabinetmaker has a lot of strings to his bow and cultivates the art of creation with passion. But Jo Cappitta is, above all, a creator of images, passionate since forever about photography and everything that touches with graphic art.

  • Jules Viera

    Jules Viera

    French artist living in South Asia since 2019, Jules Viera works with different types of materials and supports. For several years now, he has fed his work with various digital resources and techniques, notably in the series La Redite, exhibited in Bangkok in February 2020. His digital art mixes with material works and composes a back and forth that he uses to express his ideas. Interested and passionate about the world of contemporary art, he always wishes to let people find their own interpretation of his art, even though he works each piece as a personal concept with a strong meaning.
    Jules Viera is a self-taught artist, he has not learned academic languages, his work is totally instinctive and eclectic. He has had the privilege of exhibiting on different continents and being present in the international collections of many private collectors.

  • Julie Quintard

    Julie Quintard

    Julie Quintard is a Parisian illustrator who likes to experiment with different drawing supports and techniques but always in a whimsical and singular universe. From basketball customisation to the colourisation of vintage photographs, her colourful creations generally evoke the themes of childhood, dreams and nature.

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  • Shoner1


    The French street artist Shoneroner has resumed his tag bombs for our greatest pleasure after several years of absence. His work is a clever mix of graffiti, Pop Art and comics. Colorful, optimistic and joyful, Shoneoner's artworks deconstruct the figurative and give a boost (and a bombshell) in the Parisian street art environnement. With stencils and drawings, he tells a unique and dreamlike story where the colors are dominant.

  • Skuddesign
  • Tomadee


    Tomadee (Thomas Chedeville- 1979) is a French visual artist working across many different disciplines including painting, lettering, graphic design, animation, murals painting and illustration.

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